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Nothing is perfect: EV mining vs. Oil

For your time, the only car in the last two years that’s made me want to really go out and test drive a car, Camaro 2.0T 1LE:

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Now on to the topic of the day. Just about every EV article on the Internet is accompanied by a comment from someone who says “but what about the mining effects of the metals needed for the batteries.” As if they only prefer gas vehicles because they are the lesser of two negative environmental and humanitarian impacts on those near and involved in the extraction and transportation of the materials. I enjoy gas cars, drive mine, but also think that EVs show great promise for transportation and think people who demonize them due to the mining are showing a pretty large blind spot.

Just a reminder that oil extraction and transportation is equally problematic to mining materials related to batteries:


I hope they manage to transport as much of the oil as they can and that this shipwreck has as little of a negative effect as it can.

Have a good Wednesday Oppo.

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