Work doesn’t start until 10am, which means I got to wake up at 7 and put a new rear o2 sensor in my car! Yay!

Because Mazda gonna Mazda the rear o2 sensor in a NB Miata requires pulling the driver seat, lifting up the carpet, unhooking a connection and then pulling it through a grommet on the floor, then undoing a couple of clips just to get out the o2 sensor. Did I do any of that? hell no

Grab your ass some bolt cutters and hack your way through the harness, grab a wirestripper and strip like you’re at a stag party, screw in the new o2 sensor *before* soldering, then solder and heatshrink the piss out of the new wires. Tuck it all back up into the PPF, marvel at how the PPF is dirty and nothing else under the car is, take the car off the jackstands and clear the code.


Sweet sweet victory