In my 27 years of life I have owned 14 cars,and never have I been more emotionally attached to one as I have my FR-S. Everything about driving this car is amazing, the steering response, the nimbleness, the way the ass end break a little loose in the turns and of course the looks.

However it's bitter sweet, at 6'5" I had to replace the drivers seat to fit (still barely with a helmet). Then there are my back issues, my years of military service come at a price. Ruck marches, Conveys and bunker dives have left me with bulging disks, damaged muscles around the spin and because I was far too stubborn to see a doctor, a crooked spin from improper healing. As you can imagine me getting in and out of this car is painful, then there is the 3hr drive home every friday and 3hr drive back to post. With the advice of my doctor, and with great reluctance I will trading the FR-S in on a 14 Forester XT.

That is not to say I am giving up on Autocross or small fun sports cars. There will be a Miata,S2k, or MR2 weekend toy coming in the near future, with a new reliable daily driver taking the load of my back.

So I say goodbye, and hope your next owner loves you as much as I do.