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Notice Anything Strange About This Airbag Sensor?

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Photo: teesee150

Scroll through these pics and see if you can figure it out.


This was accidentally posted to r/justrolledintotheshop last week and since it was off-topic, I chose not to include it in Sunday’s roundup. But I thought it was interesting enough to share here anyway. According to the description that accompanied the photos:

It was just chilling on the frame. No wires going to it. The antenna port had a rubber cover on it. Says air bag sensor but this was a used Yukon with 170K miles on it. Has 4 super strong magnets to mount it. Didn’t have any wires coming or going to it but it looks like it has an antenna port. Under the cover is a mini USB, a couple LEDs and 3 buttons. One looks like a power, one a reset, and one a mode switch. The lights flash different when touching each one. Hooked it up to my PC but the PC didn’t recognize it at all.


If you enjoy puzzles, this is your last chance to guess before scrolling down for the answer...

It’s not an airbag sensor. It’s a GPS tracker.


And that website listed on the casing? That’s a fake too, designed to fool the curious who weren’t deterred by the thought of messing with a sensitive airbag system. Here’s an auction listing for a similar item:

So, mystery solved... except that its presence raises even more questions for the Yukon’s owner. Very suspicious indeed.

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