There has been a distinct lack of Miata hooning lately around these parts, and... I can’t help but to feel partially responsible. Between commuting in the rain, dealing with thieves, and deciding to sell, the enthusiasm has been at an all-time low.

But with *potential* snow on the horizon... There’s a chance for redemption!

Washed the exterior for the first time in *gulp* 6 months. Bleached part of the interior soft top to fight off incroaching mildew. Topped off oil and brake fluid (don’t ask). Stuffed the interior with a (good) tire inflator, lithium ion battery jump kit, full-size snow shovel, lock de-icer, snow brush/scraper, chains (not for me, in case I find someone in need who has a common tire size), cliff bars, shop towels, and laaaaaastly.....


Oh baby. The rack. Is. Back. Added a one gallon gas container because... Why not? This car in the snow is already a meme, might as well push it further. And hey maybe I find someone out of gas! If I genuinely thought I’d ever run into a winter situation where I’d need to have extra gas on me, I definitely would get a decent flat can. This plastic thing is junk.

Can you tell that I really, reaaaally want this snow thing to happen? I want a last hoorah for #miatalyfe

Past two winters (I’ve had the same budget snow tires on for almost three straight years now)


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