Noting that no one knows pickups like Americans, I humbly question why this headline exists:


The T6 Ranger has been in production since 2011 for the global market. Even with small changes for the American market version, it’s basically the same truck. Why are people going crazy over it?

The interior is pretty old as well.

So it’s aesthetically challenged, and the only benefit over the F150 for a personal-vehicle type I can think of is the price... but is it worth it? For such an outdated design?


for a comercial vehicle it makes a tad more sense, but then again, wouldn’t it make more sense to get a Transit Connect? virtually the same weight capacity.

I mean, if you’re towing and need the absolutely cheapest way to do so, maybe the ranger works, with a 7000lb rating even with the base model. The Transit Connect can only pull 2000lb.


So I guess that’s the niche?

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