In somewhat of a hipster move I now have an electric motor instead of a traditional gas outboard. My justification is that I love to try new products and I believe trolling motors are currently pathetic technology and torqueedo and similar brushless outboard motors are ridiculously overpriced.

For those of you who dont know much about trolling motors, typical electric motors run about $200 and have ~36-55lbs of thrust. That is under 1hp equivalent. If I were to take the traditional route and get a gas outboard, I could get about 6hp for $300 in a clean used 2 stroke.

In order to get 6hp via name brand electric motor, you would need to spend about $3,500 before batteries, and would still have very limited range compared to a gas motor.

Through my constant scouring of the chinese product market, I found a much more attractive solution. A 5hp (claimed) equivalent electric outboard motor with the body of a traditional gas outboard for only $320 before batteries.

If this thing is even effectively close to 3hp, it will still be a great deal. I am thinking it will push the 14ft raft pretty well, even if a gas motor would have better range and top speed. As much as it sucks, A lot of lakes on the east coast under 1000 acres are electric only.


Itll also be a lot of fun to run on small rivers around me and on small electric lakes where ill be more than doubling the speed of any other boat on the water.