I have hit the whole roof with 400 grit, half the roof with 1000, and then a quarter of the roof got an extremely brief polish to see if 1000 will be enough.

spoiler alert: it won’t be. The process will have to be 400 > 1000 > polishing mud > polish > wax

as we rotate around the car, it is the passenger front quarter that has been polished.
a closer look. It has shine, but not captured well here is that the 1000grit marks are still very clear
view FROM driver rear, so the polished portion is the furthest from this angle
FROM driver front, polished portion is to the left in this angle


FROM driver front again
FROM driver front again
pic from the last time I posted. here it was all 400 grit I believe.


pic from when new (to me), no work done on the roof

so... It’s still the worst panel (that can be saved) and I shall proceed with restoring it as practice for the sides, even though the roof will eventually be wrapped in vinyl.

the challenge will be to continue to bring it all to one shade of red, the white in the roof is DEEEP. and adding an extra step between the 1000 grit and the polisher, using an abbrasive mud that is something akin to a ~3-4000 grit