But more ready than I was yesterday. I spent the evening working on the Land Rover getting it ready for the overland road trip we’re about to do. It was dark, so no photos. Paint yourself a mind picture or something and I’ll reward you with doggo pictures at the end.


  • Checked throttle heater leak rate (negligible)
  • Refilled and bled cooling system
  • Installed Land Rover official (optional) cup holders
  • Installed and wired dash cam
  • Fixed wonky cigarette lighter (conductive tape FTW)
  • Mounted and wired in GPS
  • Mounted and wired in backcountry GPS*
  • Duct taped the hell out of my bumper
  • Applied the sticker for this trip (TQ OAT West)
  • Cleaned up a bit
  • Gave it a pat on the steering wheel and told it everything was going to be OK

Still to do

  • Load all the crap into the car
  • Check the oil
  • Check the tires
  • Organize all the wires
  • Figure out why the FM transmitter is being weird
  • Pray to whatever god(s) will listen

*I use an old phone loaded with Backcountry Navigator as my “off-road” GPS. I would use my current phone but (A) nice to not have to drain the battery doing too many things and (B) the GPS doesn’t work


Did you paint yourself a word picture?


Doggos as promised

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