If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

November was a banner dashcaming month

Here’s some of the ones that translate best to GIF form. Standard disclaimer about wide angle lenses distorting distances etc.

Turn lane? We don’t need no damn turn lanes
One... and TWO?!?!?
FUCK YOU... OK, I should have stopped for the yellow, but at that moment I was more concentrating on the longest honk of my driving career. But while we’re talking about yellow lights, WhyTF does he brake BEFORE the light goes yellow, go through, and then let them go?
Right lane, need to turn left. So the obvious thing to do is to wait until the last second, stop, and creep across to butt in.
...and then since you need to turn right a the next lights, the correct thing to do is to stop at the light at the next intersection, STILL IN THE LEFT LANE, AND WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN TURN ACROSS BOTH LANES AT ONCE. YES I LOOKED IN MY MIRROR AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID. AND YES IT WAS THE SAME GUY ABOUT A MINUTE LATER. The unfortunate conclusion is that this must be his regular way of driving. Scary.

Last one isn’t November, it’s from this morning... BUT IT’S MY POST DAMMIT JUST BE THANKFUL FOR THE BONUS. DAMN KIDS

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