Illustration for article titled Now Here Is A Question About Discontinuing Kinja User Pages That I Dont Think Anyone Has Asked Yet.

I post everything on Oppositelock.

Everything before 2013* was posted on McMike.

What exactly are they deleting?

Some of you post to both, some just throw it in here. Exactly what is going away? All the posts and images from YOUR blog, or ALL of your posts/Images?


I had 2-3 posts that I posted to McMike that I wanted to keep, so I moved them to Oppositelock. They are quite old, so they were just moved, keeping the same publish date.

*because I think that was the only option. You tagged your post with #oppositelock to get it to show up in oppo. Once you got your own blog as an option, you had to select oppositelock, which is what I chose from then on out. 

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