Now I am become pothole, the destroyer of tires

Now sit back and pull over as the tires flatten
This is a land of flatbed nightmares, of rims all curbed along

Where the darkest horror is the one yet unseen

The hard shoulder: a land without pity, a world with no hope

An unholy place of darkness where low-pros cannot cope
The only lights are the hazards, in this land of lost souls
The hellish heat rises, the engine fan starts to blow

I am your Nightmare, defiler of dreams
Be as loud as you like, for I relish your screams
This is your new home, your own personal hell
I am your only companion, tormenter as well
My words are my hard edges, my tongue is my screw
And with these things I’ll torment you for the rest of unlife
I know the unknowable, I have seen your tire mark
The only way to escape it is to leave in a taxi; dead and cold
But even that cannot save you, you’ll be sent right back
Into this darkest of nightmares, into the pits of the insurance claim.


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