Now I am renting a GMC Yukon XL instead, typical Turo problems..

Yesterday I had finally locked down a reservation for my upcoming trip and thought all was good. Then at the end of the day, I get a message from the owner indicating that the truck is no longer going to be available and that he will need to cancel. This was due to his race schedule being released and finding out that he needs the truck to tow his race car. At least it’s for a cool reason!


Anyways, as a solution I went back to looking at my second choice of a GMC Yukon XL. I was considering both 2016 and 2013 options. I figured at first, why not just get the newer car? About the same price and mileage and not too far from home anyways. But then I got to looking and determined that the 2013 has quite a bit more trunk space. Even moreso than the Navigator actually! Also helps that the 2013 was a little bit closer and cheaper and is a higher trim (SLT versus SLE) although I doubt that makes much of a difference. The only downside of either GMC versus the Lincoln is slightly less rear leg room but hopefully it’s not too tight. Still more space than most airlines in economy anyways!

Hoping no more Turo cancellations...

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