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Now I’m a real Jeeper

Today was such a good day. I started out with a small group traveling some rugged back roads around Madison, Indiana that I’ve often driven, I stopped at large car show and took photos I’ll eventually get around to uploading, I found some new gravel roads and a river crossing I didn’t know about.

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And then.

Then I got my initiation to the real world of Jeeping, the dark corner oft referred to in ominous whispers.


Death Wobble.

I’ve been fighting some minor wobbling for a few weeks. Repeating balancing and rotations haven’t worked. I had 5 u-joints replaced this week in hopes that might solve it.


And suddenly, a minor wobble today became a clattering, clanking nightmare of terror.

Now I’m at a hotel a couple of hours from home, having limped there trying to stay under 40, and I’ll be trying to find a route home that takes me entirely on back roads. Bumpier, thus more likely to introduce instability, but slower, and ones where I can pull over in an emergency. And of course it’s a holiday weekend and the mechanic I trust most is nowhere near where I live so I’ll have to get it to him somehow next week.


At least I’m on good terms with the local car rental agencies. Repeat customer and all that.

admit, I’m getting tired of throwing money into this pit.

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