Stopped by Micky D’s the other day and was reminded why I haven’t been there in ages. I tried a few days prior, but saw a huge line at the ordering screen at the drive through, but only one car at a time going up to the window which led me to believe it was amateur hour inside, unable to handle a steady stream of customers. I left.

A few days later, not having learned anything from the previous visit, I tried again. When I ordered the other day nobody seemed to get back to me with a total, and after a few minutes of waiting and calling for them I pulled up. Of course they tried to charge me for someone else’s order, so that needed to be corrected. Then, because mine was a special order I had to pull up and wait, sitting there whilst six vehicles that were behind me got their food. My special order? Yeah it was a complex one - no ketchup. I wonder how many attempts at making my burger it took to get that right.

When I got home I found a burnt bun, onions in the container but not on the burger, only one tiny pickle slice and no other condiments - I didn’t say I wanted it bone dry, I just said no ketchup, which means there should have at least been mustard. Two bites and I threw it out.

I’m not expecting a perfect gourmet burger here, but I’d like to see a modicum of effort put forth. You want to complain that you can’t make ends meet on that income? Work it out and don’t take it out on your customers. Fast food isn’t supposed to be a career unless perhaps you’re in management, but even then you need to do things correctly to get there. Sure, I’d love to see everyone making a living wage, but somehow I don’t think paying people who are doing a crappy job more money will fix their attitude for long.


/rant off