Used exercise equipment.

My wife and I are trying to not be fat anymore (I certainly hope she doesn't lose her boobies, but that's another story for another day) and we've been shopping for some cardio stuff because when it's right in the sunroom and we have to walk past it every day it's hard to skip a workout.

Anyway, the people who got fitness equipment for Christmas have it up for sale now. Two and a half months into the new year is about the right time for those people with an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike in their game room to start getting rid of that stuff.

Man, that New Years Resolution only lasted until about Super Bowl Sunday

Taxes just came back and they decided to be honest with themselves and get a new flatscreen TV.

Come on, man, the Sony Trinitron from 1995 still works but you know - a new 70" flat screen would look awesome! Plus the price for that giant is down to like two grand!


So we spent about $200 on a recumbent bike and an elliptical. Both are new Pro-Form models and both are in excellent condition.