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I went ahead and sprayed the topcoat this afternoon. There are actually more imperfections than the photo suggests, but I’m still pretty happy with how is turned out. This will certainly do for an old racecar. My plan was to let it cure for a couple of weeks and then wet sand and buff, but we’ll see if that is actually needed.

What I did: Replace the dented hood, better position the somewhat repaired right fender, scuff the original (but very faded) paint with some 320 grit, laid down some matrix 2K urethane primer RS-165, sanded that down with some 400 and then 600 grit, and then laid down three coats of a matrix single stage urethane paint (MCU) mixed to the original R-63 (Honda Rio Red) paint code. That was, by far, the most expensive gallon of paint I’ve ever bought. All products were sprayed with an old Craftsman suction spray gun. All told, there was probably about 40 hours of labor to get to this point. Masking takes a long time.


What I learned: There were some areas of trim that I should have masked better. I also didn’t do a good enough job of masking the wheel wells, because the paper got pulled off when I started moving around and the air hose pulled against it. There is some over spray on those very old Falken Azenis rollers. As good as is it turned out, I probably should’ve gotten a new fender to go with the new hood. I also learned that painting a car is a terrible, no fun job. When you’ve got the hood up on the tyvek suit, googles, and the respirator on, spraying itself was actually cathartic, but everything else is no fun. Overall, I would probably not do this job again and next time just pay someone who knows what they’re doing. I also forgot to remove the badges... I’not sure how I feel about them being red, but I can always take a polishing disk to them and fix that.

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