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Its not a bright red Ferrari, in fact this happened way before I was given the chance to ruin my perception of any car slower than it. This happened on the same kinds of roads though.


But it wasn’t during the day however, it was at night; in the middle of the night as I was returning from a dinner party in a remote town fifty kilometers away from home; in roads just as desolate as these ones.


It was at night, this picture was taken a few minutes before it was completely darkened. I was cruising in the nearby motorway, the N-541, at around 90km/h when Spotify decided I would now have to dedicate the remaining 30 or so km to self-reflection. You can’t escape reflection, specially when the slushbox is changing the gears for you. It being a Mercedes, it prioritized quietness over demonstrating the slight burble and whistle of the 4cyl.

Top down, despite it being the middle of the night, the seat warmers did their charm.


And there’s nothing quite like it...

A desolate road, no signs of light, and only a song to accompany the feeling.

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