Now that Alfa Romeo is back in USA, what other company should be next?

What other company is on your “IT’S HAPPENING!1!!11!” or “It’ll never happen…oh wait it did!” like Alfa Romeo now in North America?

(You might want to list 2, one that MIGHT be next, and one that SHOULD be next.)

My ideas:

If the 4C ends up being a hit, and if future cars by Lotus end up being a hit, then I really think GINETTA should export to North America. Fabulous looking cars, great performance, real driver-oriented focus. Same for Noble (am I crazy, or am I the only person who can imagine celebrities/the upper classes just swooning over the M600? It would look so right parked alongside other exotica in that fabulous ice blue color…)


It would also be nice if Morgan would type-approve their cars again (I had no idea the Aero 8 was sold for a few years in the USA, don’t know about Canada…)

(I would put Weissmann here but apparently they went under… ;_;)

Now if Alfa’s post-4C cars succeed…is it too far-fetched to suggest a French manufacturer? Maybe Renault because Nissan could help them gain a foothold through the partnership they have? (Could you imagine the Oppo joy from the Twingo being sold in North America? A rear-engine, RWD 4-door car? Wow. Not to mention the high-end Clios and Méganes)

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