I can't decide.

The Team Dynamics (second one) is cheaper by about $100/rim, Braids are 2 lbs lighter. Plus I kinda like the look of the Braids better, but I'm not sure if it is enough to justify the $400 cost difference.

EDIT: Weight is actually wrong from what I was looking at earlier. The Braids are 17.9 lbs and the Team Dynamics are 17.3. So at this point it is on looks (which the Braid has a bit of an edge there) but I don't think the edge is enough to justify the cost.


EDIT EDIT: Thanks to Chevy's choice to ship all 2012 Sonics with Alloy rims, I have discovered that these weigh pretty much exactly the same as my factory rims. But they're an inch wider and 2 inches taller.