It took me literally 3 minutes to replace my left side dash panel from mine with no DIC controls to one that did, unlocking a whole bunch more information on my cluster screen.

I’ve now got access to my crusing range, instant fuel economy, showing whether I’m in V8 or V4 mode, average fuel economy, individual tire pressures, engine hours (odd omission from work trucks but to include on higher trims), gallons of fuel used (7000+), and the ability to change convenience settings such as courtesy lights and if I want the door locks to be speed sensitive or lock when I shift out of park.

It was as easy as partially popping out my lower dash panel, popping out the old trim piece, swapping over the light controls, plugging in the connector that was in a cute little holder on the old panel into the button set, and popping the new piece back in.

My favorite screen is the average MPG / V8/V4 mode information.


This thing is in V4 mode far more than I thought.