This week I took my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee to the dealer to replace its ignition switch, which like the Chevy Cobalt was recalled because it was easy to turn the ignition off while the car was moving, if you knock the key.

FCA took about a year from when they announced the recall to when they got parts and instructions out to dealers. Which would be a bigger deal if the ignition switch was closer to where the knees of actual humans are located, but it’s very far away from my knees. The parts list on the work order the service writer gave me when I dropped off the car included a new ignition switch that’s much stiffer in general and requires the driver to first push the key in before being able to turn the car off, and a sticker. At the time, I wondered what the sticker was for.

Well, now I know.

Even though having to push the key in before turning the car off is the normal mode of operation for many other car companies’ ignition switches, I guess FCA decided dealers needed to stick this lovely sticker on the dash next to the ignition switch so us stupid Jeep drivers would know how to operate our new, non-lethal ignition switches. Either that or their lawyers made them.


I’m also very happy that my dealer service department took the time and care to mangle the hell out of the hole in the dash for the ignition switch, and make sure the lock cylinder is totally off center in the hole.

I want nothing more than to peel away that sticker, but I think first I’m going to try to get the dealership to try a little harder to make the lock cylinder sit flush with the hole in the dash.


UPDATE: I checked the shop manual. The square panel below the ignition switch is actually all one piece with the round bezel around the ignition switch. To remove that bezel, you’re supposed to stick a trim tool in the bottom edge of the square part of the bezel.


I have a feeling someone got lazy and shoved the trim tool between the lock cylinder and the bezel, which mangled the inner edge of the bezel, and maybe moved the whole ignition lock assembly off center.