Now the fun part.

So, I’m sure by now everyone has seen my accident post from yesterday. I’m still okay, although I’m slowly getting a seatbelt-shaped bruise and my forearm has little blisters from the airbag. But anyway, It’ll be a few days until I get any info on what insurance is going to give me, but then it’s time for car shopping! And, of course, “a few days” is too long to be able to hit Buy It Now on this Soarer:

Which is just half an hour away from me. Low miles, very well cared for, automatic (not a plus, but since the Volvo isn’t driveable yet, I haven’t been able to officially learn stick. I need something I can drive right away, for work), and just plain awesome. It’s like the perfect car for me right now, but oh well... here’s hoping it ends without anyone hitting the reserve so I can scoop it up next week.


Or maybe I'll do more research and buy something normal, but where's the fun in that?

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