Now this is something I'd love to see under the tree Christmas morning.

What's brown, has 8,200 miles on it, and has a 4-speed manual transmission?

No, it's not some low mileage Porsche 924 left in a barn for two decades.

Though the 2.0 924 DID share the same engine as the early 4-cylinder version of this car.


That's right, it's an AMC Concord, and you guys know I love me a nice Concord.

This one's got very few miles on it, it's brown, with a 6-cylinder under the hood, and seeing as it's a D/L model, I assume it's the 4.2.

She's in absolutely fantastic shape, too.

$13,500 takes it, otherwise it goes to auction at Mecum.

Usually, I wouldn't say yes to a car from the late 70's for this kinda money, unless it was a '77 Trans Am. But, since it's a really good looking low mileage Concord, I'll be happy to make an exception.


What do you guys think?

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