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Now this is stupid.

PM2.5 pollutants have been blanketing Mexico City like few times in the last decades, the AQI has been on the verge of requiring a contingency plan the entire weekend and no one government agency is ready to pull out the big guns.

Local governments are quiet, the city government is saying people shouldn’t go outside, and should also wear masks but they’re not banning cars, reducing industrial output, or closing down gas stations to reduce the amount of PM2.5 like they normally do. Even the feds have been pretty much useless... this is abnormal....


What worries me the most is that PM2.5 is not easy to disperse, and cars tend to produce a lot of it. If we wake up tomorrow with an index comparable to what it was today, and with all the weekday activity, I really think that the air is going to turn so shitty that on Tuesday they will need to activate the more “extreme” ordinance. Or else people with asthma, breathing problems, or in a delicate medical situation will suffer a lot. 

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