I had to pop home today at lunch to feed our cats, because my wife flew to Boston this morning for a yoga teacher training, and around noon I realized I hadn’t left enough cat food out for a whole day of no humans. When I left work, I heard the telltale sound of squeaky sway bar end link heim joints.

Here’s some ATLiens by Outkast so you know what my stupid title is referencing.

I’m kinda sick of the stupid Ground Control front sway bar end links I chose, with their exposed heim joints I have to keep lubing. Had I known better at the time, I would’ve gone with the HP Autosport end links that have sealed rod ends. Oops.

Anyway, I’m sure this is not unique to my car, but if you jack the car up by one of the corner jack points, the other wheel on that side of the car also lifts up. Makes for a pretty easy way to put it on jack stands. Not that I bothered with jack stands for a quick spray lube on a sway bar end link.


So yes, I am officially the type of nerd who goes home at lunch to feed 3 cats AND lube heim joints, while making semi-obscure hip hop references. I’m proud of myself.