Now with 100% more Boat.

So I looked at a second boat today this one runs! It’s also a lot nicer than the first one I looked at. It’s a fair bit wider, it has a flat floor, and Altho they are the same overall length the bow is 2 feet shorter so it has a lot more “interior” space. Also has a 40hp engine vs the 25 on the first one. And the lower unit is fully functional on this one! Oh it has electric start And an alternator too! Needs a battery and fuel tank tho. The owner wanted to keep them for his knee boat. He bought a 7 passenger boat because he has 3 kids were getting too big to squeeze into this one.

I paid a whopping 400 bucks for this little gal. Say hello to Azula.

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Photo: Horrible photo courtesy of this guy (points at self with both thumbs

I’ll get batter pics tomorrow 

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