The exhaust is 3" all the way through then the muffler has a 4" tip because the 3" from a previous glasspack looked odd.

Let me be the first to say that welding Chinese grade, micron thick Stainless Steel is a PITA. As a result we dont talk about the welds.

It’s not brilliantly centered

Got dyno tuned yesterday, turns out the turbo LS timing map was fairly close to what we needed. As the tuning neared 5psi the 3rd pcv port that’d been mounted low started puking oil so we stopped there, but the map was fairly close to being done so the rest was roughed out. The tuner was giving tons of helpful advice and ended up charging significantly less then the quoted rate. Ended up being charged for 2hrs at $100 per hour, while the given rate was $150 per hour.

Drove around for a couple hours this morning to bask in the glory of the car finally running. It still pukes out oil on boost but once the pcv’s routed higher it should stop, if it dosent larger vents will be in order. After some better heat management, oil feed lines, and a stronger clutch I’ll be back at the dyno to finish the tune and get a number on what it makes.(should be around 400whp for the reliable setup, closer to 600whp if reliability didnt matter)


Going to be daily driving it for the foreseeable future while the Mini waits for a motor rebuild.

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