Now you’ve done it. The list.

Sorry for the Photo dump I scrolled through my phone and these are a few random vehicles I’ve owned.


I’m inspired to write my timeline down. This will mostly be a list for reasons that will be obvious when you see how long it is. This is off the top of my head, mostly chronological. Got my license at 16 on 11/30/1992. Yesterday was my 42nd birthday.

88 Saab 900

95 Nissan King Cab XE

93 Nissan Pathfinder SE

91 Toyota Celica

88 Honda CRX Si

99 Honda Civic EX

01 Acura Integra LS

02 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

05 Ford Escape

06 Jetta TDI

06 Mazda 3

08 Nissan Frontier

89 BMW 325Xi

98 BMW 328ic

90 Mazda Miata

94 Mazda Miata

95 Jeep Cherokee

95 Chevy 2500 Van

08 Chevy Malibu LT

95 Subaru Outback

? Dodge Stratus

87 Pontiac Fiero

98 Jeep Wrangler

11 Subaru Outback

10 Honda Accord EX V6

06 Mini Cooper S

10 Infiniti G35x

13 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

14 Jetta TDI Sportwagen

97 Honda Accord DX



14 Honda Odyssey


01 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 convertible

18 Subaru Outback

02 BMW 325Xi Touring (wagon)

There’s a few more that I flipped really quickly, but that’s most of them. I really like cars, and the ability to fix them myself has enabled me to buy many broken ones cheap, enjoy the fix, and play with them for a bit before selling and making money. Plus there’s been 6-7 motorcycles, and 3 airplanes.  Of course some of those were My wife’s daily drivers too, so that knocks it down to 30 or so that were primarily me. That’s not as bad.


Looking at my list, I’ve never had a V8! That seems tragic to me. I’ll have to remedy that oversight in the near future. Maybe this summer after I’m done playing around with the BMW wagon and get the mileage on the leased Subaru down to where it should be.

Highlights? Miatas were awesome fun with 0 headaches. CRX was a lot of fun to drive, practical and reminds me a of a great time in my life. The 98 BMW convertible is absolutely at the very top of my list for fun, practicality, sound and another great period of time. Enjoyed my various Nissan trucks too. Loved my MK5 GTI above all the other GTIs and of course the Porsche is very special to me as was my 2013 Jeep.


If I could go back and pick my top 3 it’d be my red 98 BMW 325i convertible, 2013 Jeep Rubicon and the 2006 GTI. Gun to my head, could only choose one for the rest of my life? Probably the 2006 GTI. That car was magical. Fast (had an APR tune), comfortable, ton of room, great manual transmission, tartan seats and those 2 big doors gave great visibility and ease of access. Yeah, the GTI is the overall champ.

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