If this is factory, it has some interesting options.

It is a post coupe like a F-85 and not a pillarless hardtop like the Cutlass S/Supreme/442. You get vent windows with this body style, which is nice.

It is a non-ac car. AC cars would have had the alternator mounted on the other side, which is a good way to tell if the compressor and heater box have been removed. So the vents will direct outside air in addition to using the fan, which is also nice.

Has a fan shroud like what would have been included in the hd cooling option or on an a/c car.

Does not appear to have power brakes or steering. So, it would have had to be have been custom ordered to have buckets and a 4-speed.


It is floor shifted and does not have a console.

The presumably black door panels have been replaced with white ones.

Looks like a two-barrel, which unfortunately means it was fitted with lower compression pistons. A two barrel and a 4-speed would have made this a gas saver back in the day, haha.


It is either an interestingly optioned car, or it has been pieced together with the remains of other poor Cutlasses in someone's yard. I'm leaning towards the latter.