2009 BMW 328i wagon with a 335i engine and a manual transmission swapped in. 88,900 miles with 55k miles on the drivetrain. Other mods include:

ā€œThecar was refreshed with new OEM front and rear bumpers (Performance/Mtech), as well as a true dual 335i exhaust.

Other modifications performed during the N55 turbo build:

HR cup shocks with Sport springs
Brand new shock mounts
M3 front control arms
335i Front brakes
ECS rotors slotted/drilled
Front SS lines
VRSF exhaust.
VMR 710Wheels 8.5/9.5 staggered w/ Kumho 4xII 235 front/255 rear
BMW M Sport steering wheel and airbag ,

Euro rear tail lights with amber turn signals.ā€



In Waterford, Michigan for $21,999.00