2009 Cobalt SS Sedan. You may be saying “I didn’t know they made an SS sedan”, or “ wasn’t the SS sedan Naturally Asperated?” The second one is right, but only sort of. In 04-05 there was a NA SS sedan and that afford a bit more power and the SS handling package.

However this is an 09 which has the 260hp turbocharged Ecotech engine, does 0-60 in 5.5 bone stock and makes good sounds. The turbo SS sedan was a custom order low production option and less than 500 were sold in 08-09. So yeah it’s rare. His one has 81,000 miles, a few mods and looks really clean. But would you spend 9500 on a Colbalt?


I have a secrets love for this car and tried to buy one a few years ago, pretty sure I made a post about it. That one was dark red and i think they were asking 9,000 for it. I like the almost too sleeper aspect of it. Seems more grown up than the Srt4 it competed against, but for the same money you could have a GTI. Which is would be a better choice based on interior quality alone. So which is more important to you having something unique or having plain seats?