NP or CP.

Check out yellow Solstice GXP. The turbo veriant of the Solstice making 260hp out of the 2.0 ecotech.


Idk about you but I don’t see these for sale often, and I actually like them a lot. Altho looks wide I Prefer the Saturn Sky’s creases and hard edges to the Solstice’s very round body. This Particular one is suffering from some very typical 2000’s GM problems, namely rust, and interior malfunctions.

Seller is asking 6500. And I was all on board with that until I saw the mileage. 166,000 miles! That’s quite a lot. Altho I have heard these engines, and their Cobalt/HHR SS counterparts are very reliable. It does make me happy to see that some one really used this car. 166k is a lot of enjoying your turbocharged, yellow, convertible over 12 years.


But the question is, is this a deal for an awesome with some minor problems. Or way to much for an okay car with rust and too many miles. 

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