$6000? Fully Loaded? Manual? American Insurance with Japanese Reliability? New?

I likey.

Only problems seem to be the scratch on the front, but most similar Vibes are going for 25% more, granted those do have about 40,000 less KMs. And one wheel is missing a bolt, and pontiac logo. Oh and, I assume it had the recall too.

This is one of 3 second gen Manual Vibes on Autotrader for me.

For those that don't know what a Pontiac Vibe is. It's a Toyota Matrix (Toyota Corolla Hatchback) but re badged and different exterior (which looks 100x better. The 2nd Gen Vibe actually looks good to me, stylish, especially with the GT body kit. Last gen was ugly).


You could get Vibe in the 1.8 2ZR-Fe (The Toyota Corolla's Standard Engine), or the 2.4L 2AZ-FE, which was the 2002-2011 base model Engine of the Toyota Camry. My personal Camry has the 2AZ-FXE, which is the hybrid version of the engine. the 2.4L was an option on the base model, but came standard in the AWD and GT flavours. You could get a 4 or 5 Speed Automatic, or a 5 Speed Manual. Both Corolla transmissions I believe.

Fun Fact: This Vibe was Pontiac's last new model.


Other than wikipedia and some minor research I don't know much about how this car is, but it just sounds like a Toyota Corolla Hatchback with better aesthetics and I can service at both GM and Toyota. It looks like a great car to learn manual in, and with the Camry's 4 Cyl, it should be decent (that engine is meant to push a much heavier car). Great of Fuel Economy and Cheap on Insurance. With Toyota reliability. I have a feeling this is going to get CP'd alot because it is a Corolla.