I stumbled upon a unicorn on CL. A manual, 2009 G8 GXP! This one is also pretty heavily optioned with a original MSRP of over 41,000.

If you’re going to take interior pictures take the time and set your steering wheel straight.

It looks clean inside and out, seems to have been well cared for, and is originality a Texas car that has been garage kept for the Minnesota winters. The red, and black interior looks a bit cheesy, but this is a Pontiac after all, what did you expect?


The cat currently has near enough to 42,000 miles. So at over 5,000 miles a year the car has seen some actual use, and not just been sitting ina garage rotting away.

That gas mileage is a tough pill to swallow.

Being a GXP thus car does have an LS3. 6.2l and 415hp in a sedan is certainly unusual.


The seller is asking 29,500 for this last hurrah from Pontiac. But is it worth that? https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/cto/d/2009-pontiac-g8-gxp/6300997245.html

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