I was browsing to gaze at this Corvair once again the other day when I came upon this beauty:
A sweet 1960 Bel Air coupe with a busted interior and bad paint.

The ad claims the interior needs new seats, door panels, and headliner. So basically the whole interior needs to be changed. I saw complete interior kits on the web, but shipping to Europe might be a problem, well maybe not a problem, but expensive. I might also just leave it that way, I kind of like the old rag style.

The floor pan needs to be repaired. The ad claims it has been fixed in the US, but it needs to be redone. As I called the guy, he told me they had glued panels in place (seriously?). I also found the floor pans online (god american cars are really simple to find parts for, you lucky bastards). But it doesn’t seem to be too complicated to reproduce them. I like playing with sheet metal, it’s really rewarding when you finally get to the shape you wanted.


On the exterior, the paint is visibly shot, with some surface rust coming through on the hood, trunk, fenders and quarter panels. As it’s color is copper, it does blend in. The trim seems mostly ok, save for a dent in the rear bumper, a small dent on the left fin and a flattened right quarter panel trim. There is also a dent in that quarter panel. The trunk lock seems to be missing, too. The ad says the only perforating rust is on the floor panels. If I get it, it might get repainted somewhere down the road, but right now, I like the patina.

Enginewise, the original 235 cui inline 6 has been replaced by a 283 cui V8 good for 195 HP, with a new water pump, aluminium radiator, spark plugs and wires. It certainly isn’t fast, but as it’s a cruiser, that’s okay. And switching to a dual carb to gain a few horses is still an option. It also has a 3 speed manual transmission to remember to stay humble next time you think a 5-speed isn’t enough.


The brakes have been upgraded with ventilated and drilled rotors with new calipers in the front, and a new brake kit in the back. I don’t know if that means that it’s a new drum brake kit or if it’s been converted to disc brakes. Power braking has been added with a new mastervac and main brake cylinder. It also has new brake lines.

I have no idea how old the tires are, but the wheels look ok, if not exactly the style of wheels I would put on it. It also needs more white walls.


Other than the engine and brakes, it seems pretty original. No hydraulics here (even though I wouldn’t mind if well made). And even though there’s a lot of work, it would be a unique ride. Especially here in France, were american cars are about as rare as non-snub car owner on French car shows. By the way, it’s sold with all the paperwork done, with French registration in the name of the buyer, and that’s a big plus.

I’m going to check it out later today, and decide if it’s a nice price or crack pipe for myself. But for 10.990€ (12.100$), what do you think? Nice Price or Crack Pipe?