NP or CP: Jaguar XE

In another instance of why are these so cheap, like the Maserati before it, behold the Jaguar XE, Jag’s supposed 3 Series fighter. They are CHEAP, cheaper than comparable vehicles. Lets look at 2 examples for NP or CP.

The first example pictured above is the cheapest XE I found within 100 miles. a 2017 with 25t sedan with 39,352 miles for $18,375 at Hertz car sales of all places. That’s compact car money. But its a Jag so...


Inside it looks pretty nice. Except on closer inspection those interior materials are cheap to look at and touch. Especially that black gloss. But hey there’s a rotary shifter, leather and a sunroof.

The next example is a 35t R-Sport at a local Lexus dealer. Its 2017 model with 26,706 miles on the odo for $28,397. Brand new, this is the model that sits at the top of the XE line.


So which would you guys choose? The base 4 cylinder model which gets the better economy, or the v6, whose sound has been described as course. Are they NP or CP?

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