Looking for Datsun Roasters I found this not LC, not Jeep. Nissan Patrol.

the exterior pictures were taken by a man child with grasp of how cameras work. I say that because this is the best one.

I love these old Patrols, they look about as utilitarian as your average mailbox. The Land Cruiser, and the CJ5 you can tell had at some effort in the design to make them appealing, especially the Land Cruiser. The Bronco and Scout even more so. The Patrol looks like 3 bread boxes smooched together.

The interior looks pretty great, altho nothing special for the time, it’s a product of its time and that’s what makes it charming.There is no mistaking this for a newer vehicle. it’s spares, and thrown together, and the only amenities are an ash tray, and a passenger “oh shit” handle. Check out those very direct fresh air vents in under the windshield.


At the back it’s got barn doors, or as the Land Cruiser crowd calls them Ambulance doors. and some sideways jump seats, just like a Land Cruiser. Craziest thing is this one looks like its meant to seat 7! 3 in the split bench up front and 4 in the back.


again picture were taken with no grasp of how cameras work

Its got a GM in-line 6, and 3 speed manual trans. From what i found thats was not the original engine, but it’s probably going to be easier to find parts fro. . I’m guessing the levers here are trans, hi-low range, 4wd, and a parking brake?


Seller is asking 12k and that seems fairly reasonable to me.