First off, thank you everyone for the advice from yesterday. We went and test drove the Odyssey this morning, and it really is very clean. There are a few minor little scuffs and scratches on the bumper, but nothing very noticeable. The interior is in great shape, and all the electronics seem to be working fine.


So we proceeded to talking numbers with the salesman. He was a very nice guy to work with. His finance guy on the other hand, was your typical finance guy: not wanting to budge on price, saying they’ve got all this money into it, over-valuing the car, etc. I brought up book value on the car and he replied with something along the lines of “You want to see the book value? Oh I’ll show you the book on it.” He came back with an NADA printout of the car, saying it was worth $14,001. Unlike most buyers he probably encounters though, I read through the whole sheet. It seemed there might have been a few extra options checked that the car didn’t actually have, and he showed me the “Excellent” condition value. And it even said right there on the printout that less than 3% of cars on the market fit in that category. I tried my hardest not to laugh in his face right then and there. Instead, I just pushed back and said no deal.

After a half-hour of back and forth, they finally come back with $13,100 not including the extra $1k in fees. $14,111.73 out the door. Not bad, considering NADA book value is $13,800 in good condition. We ended up walking though as I still didn’t feel quite right about it. Don’t know if it was just nerves of having never bought a car on my own before, or if my gut was confirming that I still had room to negotiate.

Additional details: They mentioned it was a trade-in and they couldn’t let it go for less than what they had in to it. I looked up NADA trade in value on it, which showed as $11,500. I highly doubt they have anything more than a detail into it.

So, given the condition, mileage, etc., did I make the right decision to walk on this? Or are they actually offering me a reasonable deal for the car?

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