Check this yellow thing out.

It a Austin Healey 3000 “replica” that was made in the 80's. the body is all fiber glass, with a color gel coat. This was built by a company call Classic Roadsters LTD that built MGAs and these out of a small factory in Fargo ND of all places. The company has long since gone bankrupt. It’s got some chunky wheels and tires that hint at what’’s under the hood. A Chevy 350, which unfortunately is cupolaed to an automatic trans.


despite that this seems like a “cheap” way to get a classic little sports car, and I think the transmission could be fix relativity easily.

the interior is basic and nice looking aside from a IMO tacky steering wheel.


The asking price is 15,500 which seems like a steal when you consider original Healey’s are going for 50-80,000 right now. and this is half the price of many Porsche 356 Replica’s.

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