NP or CP: "Slingin' parts for Harry" edition

Found something interesting on Carforsale, and aptly named website. The 9th generation F-150 wasn’t stellar, but the SVT Lightning was still pretty cool. Not as good looking as the first Lightning but more powerful with a Supercharged 5.4l. And of coarse we all remember it as Brian’s part running truck in The Fast and the Furious.

If you were wondering Harry’s shop was called The Racer’s Edge.

I’m not sure though if they’ve reached collector status. But some one has been waiting for them to. As made evident by the fact that this one got stashed away. This one has only 15 miles.


According to the odometer, not even 15 miles, 14.5!

It even has what appears to be the factory transport seat protectors.


Also side pipes!


So would you drop 25 grand on a brand new, 15 year old, Supercharged 4x2 pickup? Honestly I think I would. Even I feel it does make less power than a new 5.0l.

And yeah I’d get the “The Racer’s Edge” decals on it.

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