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NP or CP - So Fresh, So Clean 94 3000GT VR4

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So, hope you have $20K laying around, because you just might have to buy this one right now.


Check this fresh 1994 3000GT VR4 with 27,000 miles, Manual, with all the bits and pieces and not abused to death. Unmolested happiness.

And for the low, low price of $19,500 it can be all yours. and If I had the garage to take care of it, I would be all over this. I cuddled a 1993 SL manual fully equipped for 15 years, and I miss it. This would certainly fill the 3000GT-shaped hole in my heart. I wish I could drive this to the 2044 Pebble Beach Concourse D’elegance


Nice Price or Crack Pipe? Nice Price all the way.

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