So, I was browsing the internet this morning and stumbled upon this ad for a unique Porsche Carrera GT. The owner claims that "this is probably the rarest of all Carrera GT's on the planet" and lists the car as only having 260 original miles. In addition, the owner has "NEVER driven the car" but does "start and run the car once a week." The crowning jewel is that this is apparently the only car Porsche has ever painted Arancio Borealis (a Lamborghini color for those that don't know). So what do you think? Is this car unique enough to command almost the same money as a new 918?

Sorry for the small images. I don't know how to make them bigger. Also, here's the link to the ad and another one to the owner's website with images and videos of the car.

Edit: I was trying to include a poll but technology has proven that I'm incompetent once again.