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NPoCP - 1981 BMW 320/6 e21

I was checking out how much a 1602 is worth and saw this car:

Illustration for article titled NPoCP - 1981 BMW 320/6 e21

It's a 1981 BMW 320 with a carbureted 122hp 2.0l I6 and a 5-speed. The odo says 125 000 miles, it's a third owner car though the seller says one owner kept it for about 30 years.

The car is said to be in very good condition both inside and out (no dings, no scratches, good interior, uncracked dash), and the engine and gearbox work perfectly. Tires are as good as new.


The price for this beauty? 6 000€ or about 8 200$. NPoCP?

Link here, with more pics:…


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