NPOCP: 1988 Volvo 240DL for $1100

Confession: I need a Volvo 240. I need to have one by the time I die. Why? Because I should've already had one. When looking at first cars, I found a 1991 that was pretty cool; but grandma told me it was too slow. So now I need one. And this showed up for $1200.


Ad keeps it very simple. The car runs and drives great. It passed emissions (car was from TN). Does need a little work. The radio antennae is broken (but my dad promised he fix that for me), the AC is broken (when is it not though? I don't even care about that), and needs turn signals.

Interior looks very clean and the color combo is so ugly it is beautiful. I love how original it is. Virtually everything from the hubcaps to the paint look all factory. I love it. Is it worth it for $1100?NPOCP

Link to ad here. Interior pic from seller. Price of $1100 agreed upon with seller.

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