NPoCP: 1997 BMW M3

In bad practice, I go on Craigslist and look for things I don’t need, then judge people based on how much they want for certain things. $80 for a Nintendo Wii. Are you mad? So I invite you, the collective Oppo, to judge with me.

Today’s find take me back to the Best Saloon Track Car episode from the show formerly know as Top Gear. In it, Richard Hammond buys an old M3 which we come to find out is a <spoiler alert> deathtrap.


This M3 comes to us with an assumed 183,000 miles on the clock, a presumed clean title, a manual transmission, and several more tires than you would ever need. The owner claims that they do not wish to give the car the love it needs, which because of the area where this car is for sale, can mean anything from an engine replacement to not bothering to busy his servant staff with topping of the blinker fluid.

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The listing does indicate some work needing to be done; specifically on the steering bits which seems rather important. Other problems will have to be discovered on PPI or purchase if you prefer to live dangerously.

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All can be yours for 5,000 American money units, but that is for you to decide...


Nice Price or Crack Pipe.

Ad text preserved below:

$5000 OBO. No accidents. Loved this car but I’ve decided to buy a new car rather than give it the love it needs.

Needs a little work: loose shifter. front control arms & power steering pump, maybe.?

Typical, but very light rust at fender and at licence plate.

Typical moderate wear on diver vader seat, otherwise interior is great.

A/C works.

Available with the car...

Replacement angel eye headlights.

Black rims have breand new tires.

I have the M wheels (including full size spare)

I also have lightly used snow/ice tires mounted on a 3rd set of wheels.

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