From our good friends at Rover Classic comes this '98 Amigo in almost suspiciously-good condition for under $3500. I think most of us have a soft spot for these, and I foresee demand for these things rising as they look more and more capable with each new soft-roader manufacturers put out these days. Also, rust is killing the supply quicker than idiotic high-schoolers.

Short-wheelbase SUVs died an ignoble death in the American car market - a damn shame considering they provide a lot of the convenience that people look for in crossovers these days. I love 'em, especially in 1990s flavors, as they remind me of a time when automakers made product decisions based less on consumer demand and more on presenting a complete brand vision and lineup to customers, which in turn led to interesting results like the Amigo. Want your SUV with two doors instead of four, and maybe minus half a roof? Boy, does Joe Isuzu have a truck for you. The Amigo is like Suzuki Samurai that's less likely to kill you, and who wouldn't want that?


The inside is surprisingly clean for a truck coming up on two decades of quirky existence, and lookee here, a proper stick plus a 4WD-lo setting. It's a study in plastic simplicity, with nice chunky buttons and no swooping lines or floating consoles or ass massagers.


Obviously the engine bay has been detailed like the rest of the car, but even with the reported 101K miles on the odometer, given Rover Classic's great reputation I'd be surprised if the clean appearance is hiding any major problems. The only downside is that it's the 2.2L 4 cylinder and not the 3.2L V6.

So, what do you think? If I had $3,000 in my pocket right now I'd probably head down and try to haggle a little bit. Any '90s time-capsule car is like catnip to me, but this one in particular caught my eye given the paucity of short wheelbase SUVs in this country. Also, I stand by what I said up top - these are going to rise in value one day, probably sooner than we think.