Welcome to NPoCP, where Oppo takes it’s imaginary hordes of craigslist car buying cash and determines if the presented listing is worthy of their monopoly funds.

Up for consideration today is an interesting listing... Most of the time when we see 2 cars bundled together they are either, far too expensive, incredibly lopsided (1 good, 1 crap), or both are crap. Today’s listing may not be the case.

This listing is for 2 C4 Corvettes, 1 an 85, the other an 86. One is properly titled and the other isn’t. However, both are claimed to be driveable which is a plus. One looks like it needs some help because the interior is kind of messy and the pop up lights seem misaligned, but for 5k this could be the best his and hers car deal out there.


What say you Oppo? Are they 5K cash?

Nice Price: Why buy something smart and dependable when I can get 2 Corvettes

Crack Pipe: My Subaru has more horsepower that these two put together.


Ad Preserved Below:

one has title

other will come with bill of sale

both run and drive

this is the best deal you will EVER find on a pair of cars like this


5K CASH IS them