CPoCP: 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

So I came across an ad on Craigslist that sent me to a dealership website. There are so many things wrong with the car that it is ridiculous that they are asking for a price at $4,000.


Let’s start by looking at the cosmetics. Looks like they gave it an amazing cleaning job. However...black duct tape on the header panel? That’s a big drop in value.

And then there’s the carfax. The boys over at CVN’s discord did a VIN check for me. Two accidents on record, one of which necessitated a tow. And the record also indicates that it’s had its title branded as salvage at least once in its lifetime.


And speaking of title? The paperwork is all over the place. It’s been filed in places like California, Arizona, and Iowa. I haven’t looked at the car itself, but the fact that there are no engine bay photos is a big fat red flag.

And an even bigger red flag is the tires. Toyos on the front, Federals on the back. That tells me the previous owner has hooned it on the regular. The only thing that would appeal to me about this car is the fact that it has cruise control.

Would you guys even give this car a second look at $3,999? I didn’t.

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