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NPOCP: 2008 Honda Element for $6k (Plus driving impressions).

In my never-ending manual car search (that must be done within the next two weeks or so), I have found a decent Black (same color as the Pilot) Honda Element for $6k but here’s the catch, it has 155k on it. It doesn’t look too bad, and there’s a tiny bit of rust underneath (looks typical) and I may be able to get a little bit off/more for my trade (my hated Honda Pilot).

Driving impressions were pretty good, the clutch felt good and the engine pulled very strongly. If my mechanic thinks this is a good car I may go further with the deal. I just am slightly weary of the mileage but it’s a Honda so I guess it’s barely broken in lol. Oh and this thing is just massive inside, there’s probably more headroom than in the Pilot.


So what’s the consensus? Should I (slowly) reel this catch in or drop a massive deuce on it and walk away?

Still have to see that Baja which I may next week

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